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Skin Wand

Solomomoâ„¢ Home Health System fuses the science of dermatology and technology to provide at home insights on skin health and care.

Solomomo Home offers a specialized attachment called the Skin Wand. The Skin Wand evaluates 15 different aspects about the skin for a modern approach to personal skin analysis and skincare. These empowering insights can help tailor product choices and influence behaviors.


Solomomo Home Health System also offers high tech grooming capabilities with each of its tweezers, clippers, and trimmers. Integrated into these tools are cameras that provide microscopic viewpoints to illuminate and broadcast the live image on the dedicated screen. This enables ease of access to target areas.


The Solomomo Home Health System attachments are each sold separately allowing the perfect custom mix for each household.

Using the Skin Wand
Using the Skin Wand